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The Christmas and holiday season is upon us. If you’re still looking for a gift for a writer friend, here are some suggestions!

  • Buy their book. Send a greeting card with a word of encouragement and a note that you purchased copies of their book for yourself and/or to give to others.
  • Review their book. It’s free for you and encouraging to the writer. You can mention in a greeting card that you enjoyed their book and left a review. Amazon and Goodreads are both good places to leave reviews, and you might even be able to leave a review on their publisher’s website. You could also consider writing a blog or social media post to spread the word about their book.
  • Writing accoutrements. If your writer likes to use pen and paper, a nice notebook or writing utensil could be a fun and useful gift. If your writer composes solely on the computer, consider accessories like a keyboard cover or laptop case instead.
  • Membership to a writers’ organization. Writers have to pay fees to become or remain active members of organizations like ACFW and SFWA. If your writer belongs to groups or is interested in becoming a member, gifting them funds to cover the fee is both practical and supportive.
  • Funds towards a writers’ conference. Costs to writers’ conferences can add up. Funding even small amounts towards these trips can be a big help.

Of course, if your writer friend likes scented candles, coffee, or power tools, those options can be just as great! I happen to like bananas, and so a friend of mine gave me a word game in a case shaped like a banana, which is pretty great! As their friend, you know best.

To writers and their friends and family—what are you gifting this year? Is there anything that you would add to the list of gift ideas? Please leave your thoughts in the comments! Thank you and Merry Christmas!